Reasonably choose your coffee table and chairs


1. Whether the material of brown tables and chairs is r […]

1. Whether the material of brown tables and chairs is reasonable: The surface materials of different coffee tables and chairs are also different. For example, the legs of tables, chairs, and cabinets need to be made of hard mixed wood, which is strong and able to bear the weight, and other materials can be used for the internal materials. The thickness of the legs of the large wardrobe must be 2.5cm. Deformation; kitchen and bathroom cabinets can not be made of fiberboard, but plywood should be used, because the fiberboard will swell when it encounters water and damage coffee tables and chairs should be washable. It was found that the wood had worm eyes and foam, indicating that the drying was not complete. It is recommended that you check the surface, and also open the cabinet door and drawer door to see if the contents are decaying. You can pinch them with your fingernails, and the contents are decaying. Smell with your nose after opening the cabinet door. If the nose is irritated, dazzling, or tears, it means that the formaldehyde content in the adhesive is too high, which is harmful to the human body.

2. The moisture content of coffee tables and chairs must not exceed 12%, the moisture content is high, and the wood is easily warped and deformed. When consumers buy, there is no testing instrument, you can take the touch method, touch the bottom of the furniture in the cafe or the unpainted area inside. If you feel moisture, then the moisture content is at least 50% or more, you ca n’t use it. . It is suggested that you take another method to spray a little water on the unpainted area of ​​the wood. If it is slow or not, it means that the moisture content is high.

3. Whether the coffee table and chair structure is firm: Small pieces of coffee shop furniture, such as chairs, stools, and hangers, can be dragged on the concrete floor when they are selected, and gently dropped, the sound is crisp and the quality is good; if the sound is Dumb, murmur of crackling, indicating that the mortise is not tightly combined and the structure is not strong. The writing desk and table can be shaken by hand to see if it is stable. You can sit on the sofa. If you sit on the sofa, it will creak and squeak, and if you shake it, it will be nail work and it won't take long. Square tables, bar tables, chairs, etc. should have four triangular clips on the legs, which are used for fixing. When selecting, you can look over the table and chairs, and you can touch the cloth chair by hand.

4. Whether the four legs of the coffee table and chair are flat: This point will lay a light on the ground, and some coffee tables and chairs only have three legs to the ground. See if the table is straight, and you can't bow your back or collapse your waist. The table top is raised, and the glass plate will rotate when placed on it; the table top is recessed, and the glass plate is broken when placed on it. It is recommended that you pay attention to checking the door of the cabinet. The slit of the drawer should not be too large. It should be flat and straight, and the door cannot sag.

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