Advantages of particle board in furniture selection


Particle board is a very important material choice for […]

Particle board is a very important material choice for furniture manufacturing. Now more and more cabinets choose to use particle board when decorating. So what are the advantages of particle board? Let's take a look together below.


Physical properties

The resistance to deformation and cracking of particle board is higher than that of boards other than density board.

The grip is higher than density boards and some ecological boards.

The moisture resistance is higher than that of MDF.

The waterproofness is lower than log and multi-layer board, and the strength is lower than multi-layer board, knuckle board and density board, but for the current custom cabinets, they are all three-in-one fasteners, not on-site partition walls Therefore, the physical properties of his defects are negligible.

In terms of physical properties, particle board is the most suitable for customized products.




Environmental performance

Most of us deeply believe that which piece of wood is large enough is environmentally friendly. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

The wood itself contains formaldehyde, the content is about 0.1 mg, and the rest of the formaldehyde comes from the glue of the glued board and the process control of the production process (including logs), so the glue and the production process are the key.

Now there are urea-formaldehyde glue, tri-amino glue and MDI glue. The formaldehyde content in the glue determines whether the board is environmentally friendly, and it has little to do with the type of board and the size of the wood strip.

Particle board and MDF are environmental protection industries encouraged by the state, and are also commonly used furniture panels in some developed countries.


Production performance

Particle board and density board are more accurate in size and compact inside, which is convenient for large-scale mechanized and electronically controlled production.

The size of the eco-board multi-layer board is not accurate enough, especially the eco-board is not dense inside, and good equipment cannot be used at all. It is only suitable for some relatively poor equipment and on-site construction. Eco board and knuckle board).



Under the same environmental protection index, the cost of eco-board and multi-layer board is higher than that of particle board. (Note that the same environmental protection indicators here do not include well-known brands such as Lushuihe and Daya.)

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