Bedside table in the life of the application


Bedside table in life, when we go to sleep, when we get […]

Bedside table in life, when we go to sleep, when we get up, all we see in our eyes, is our bedside. For your friend who is with you every night, do you want to give him a new look? Let's dress him up.


The first move, the clever use of cushions. Cushion in addition to practical, but also can play a role in decorating the bed. Put aside those "home furnishings must be restrained" of the rules and regulations, we can sometimes pile a bunch of the same or similar color cushions in the bed, in addition, there should be a particularly prominent color cushion as the core of the decoration, otherwise it is easy to flow in the redundancy.


The second trick, practical bedside table. When we lean on the bed, we will all have some activities, to avoid putting some things, then how do we create a refreshing bedside it? Oh, very simple, we just need to configure a bedside table that can store things very well. Whether you want to place food or see, when you want them to disappear in front of your eyes, just put them all into the nightstand, everything is done, easy and convenient.



The third trick is to create greenery. Whenever you come home, buy a bunch of flowers and put them on the bed, not only to make the bed look fresher, but also to make the air more fresh, even when you are sleeping, you can have spring with you.


The fourth trick, the appropriate color. Bed with color must pay attention to the color match. If the bed and bedside table are light-colored, it is best to choose a small thing rich in color to decorate the bed, so that the bed is not too monotonous. If the color, color has been very rich, then you have to choose some of the simpler flowers and colors, so as not to look cumbersome.


The fifth trick, make good use of the table lamp. Table lamp can be used for lighting, likewise, he is also a good finishing tool, but pay attention and bedding and other matching, otherwise it will be more than worth it.

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