Bedside table purchase knowledge


1. Look at the edge banding of the board. The edge band […]

1. Look at the edge banding of the board. The edge banding of the high-quality bedside table is delicate, smooth, and feels good. Professional factory uses linear edge banding machine to complete the process at one time, the glue is applied uniformly, the pressure is stable, and the most accurate size is guaranteed. Non-standard plants are mostly operated manually, with large errors, uneven pressure, and instability in many places, and can also cause volatilization of harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

2. Looking at the holes, the nightstand is assembled by assembly, which requires punching a lot of positioning connection holes in the board. The fit and accuracy of the hole positions will affect the firmness of the nightstand. The professional factory uses multiple rows of drilling equipment to complete the drilling at one time, and the positioning accuracy of the hole is guaranteed. Irregular manufacturers use simple row drills, or even pistol drills to drill holes. The positioning error is large, and it is difficult to ensure firmness and accuracy.

3. Looking at the cutting board, the bedside table is also called the opening of the board, which is the first process of cabinet production. The professional factory electronic cutting saw is used to control the processing size by computer. The dimensional accuracy of the opened board is very high, and there is no chipping on the board edge. It does not standardize manufacturers to use small manual feed saws, the size error is large, and often stubble appears.

4. Looking at the assembly effect of the entire bedside table, any dimensional error in the production process will be manifested on the door panel. The door panels produced by the specialized enterprises are horizontal and vertical, and the gaps between the door panels are uniform. Uniform, big and small.

5. Looking at the slide rail of the bedside table drawer, although it is a small detail, the size difference between the hole position and the plate causes an error in the installation size of the slide rail, which causes the drawer to be pulled smoothly or left and right. Also, pay attention to the drawer gap. Whether it is uniform.

Conservation skills

1. Waxing the bedside table regularly. Only the usual maintenance can be used.

2. Making tea on the bedside table will leave beautiful stains overnight. At this time, you can sprinkle some water on the table, wipe it with the tin foil in the cigarette case, and then scrub it with water to remove the tea stains.

3. Hot cups and plates are indirectly placed on the painted surface of furniture, leaving a circle of hot marks. Normally, just wipe with a rag dampened with kerosene, alcohol, toilet water or strong tea, or use iodine to gently wipe or apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the burn marks; wipe the burn marks with a wipe every other day Eliminate.

4. The rattan bedside table will accumulate dirt and change color for a long time. It can be scrubbed with saline, which can decontaminate and make it soft and flexible.

5. The white bedside table in the home is easily soiled. It is not easy to wipe away the dirty marks with a rag. It may be tempted to squeeze the clean rag with toothpaste. Just wipe it quietly and the stains on the furniture will be removed. Don't force too much, don't hurt the paint.

6. When cracks appear on the wooden bedside table, you can cut the old newspaper into pieces, participate in excess alum, cook it with water or rice soup to make a paste, and then insert it into the crack with a knife and smooth it. It will be very strong after drying, and then coated with With the same color of paint, the woodware can be restored to its original appearance.

7. If the paint surface of the furniture is scratched and the wood is not touched, you can use crayons or paints of the same color as the furniture to coat the wound surface of the furniture to cover the exposed background color, and then apply a thin layer with translucent nail polish.

8. If the backboard of the bedside table is deformed in a large area due to damp, it should be replaced. The furniture must be flat on four feet, otherwise it will be deformed due to uneven force. There is no need to install a mirror on the push-pull large wardrobe door. The cabinet door drops down the transformer track.

Collocation skills

The storage box is easy to arrange and combine, light weight, strong and durable, placed around the bed, the practical index is better than all bedside products.

1. Three or five storage boxes are stacked together and can be used as TV cabinets, stereos, bookshelves, etc.

2. The groove on the bedside is reserved for the handy items.

3. If you are used to using the bed as an entertainment center, you should carefully design the color of the wall behind the bed during decoration to make it unified with the furniture and form a complete visual effect.

4. The bedside furniture is frequently used. Pay attention to cleaning issues. It is best to choose a dark color or a material that is easy to scrub.

5. The height of the wall panel installation is based on the person sitting on the bed. The large bedside table is suitable for more items.

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