Clamshell dressing table


Girls like dressing tables, because they can dress them […]

Girls like dressing tables, because they can dress themselves beautifully in front of the dressing table, so the dressing table is one of the furniture that women love. The dressing table must not only have a good appearance, good material, but also a price that is loved by girls who are budget-conscious. Compared with other styles of dressing table, it is simpler. Women who love beauty and budget can choose the dressing table with flap.


This kind of flip-top dressing table has a common feature that when the table top is closed, it is just a desk with a very ordinary appearance. After flipping the table top cover, you can find the universe inside. Below is a mirror and its size. With a cosmetic storage compartment, the desk immediately turned into a dressing table. But one thing that must be mentioned is that such a flip also means that the items placed on the tabletop must be temporary. The original design of this product is also based on the dressing table, and the desk can only play a temporary role.



After the lid of the dressing table is opened, there is a mirror, which is mainly divided into some small compartments, which can basically meet the needs of ordinary cosmetics and skin care products. However, the partition bar cannot be picked up, so the space division will appear rigid and cannot be adjusted flexibly. The design of the clamshell dressing table is relatively novel and should be more suitable to the hearts of young women, and its price is huge, so consumers who like this clamshell design but pursue economy can buy the clamshell dressing table.


Dressing table flip style display
1. The flip-top dressing table cannot see the mirror when it is not in use, so unlike other dressing tables, just put it in a more reasonable place, such as the corner.
2. Place the flip-top dressing table at the head of the bed, which can replace the role of the bedside table.
3. The lighting of the dressing table is important. The dressing table can be placed in a brightly illuminated place, so that the light can evenly shine on the person's face. Pay attention to the dressing table when placing it. Do not place the dressing table above the lamp, otherwise it will leave a shadow on the eye sockets and affect the makeup effect.


The dresser flip style, a table can be used as a dressing table or as a small table. This is very economical, but the disadvantage of the dresser flip style is that you usually need to open the lid to dress up in front of the dresser and remove the items on it. Take it all away. This is a bit troublesome for women who like to put many things on the dressing table. Often opening and closing is not easy for the dressing table.

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