Have you chosen the right leather sofa?


There are several indicators that determine the comfort […]

There are several indicators that determine the comfort of a leather sofa: the quality of the frame, the quality of the filling, and the ergonomics.


Frame quality, the frame is the foundation of a good sofa, it determines the stability and service life of the sofa.


The sofa frame is best to choose solid wood material, which is durable. When testing the quality of the sofa frame, the sofa can be shaken repeatedly, if there is no looseness or noise, the frame is firm. In addition, you can also unzip the bottom zipper under the sofa seat to check whether the frame material is log hardwood and whether there are planing, scars, decay and moth eaten.


The quality of the filling and the filling material of the sofa play a vital role in the comfort of the sofa. Fillers generally refer to sponges. According to their elasticity, sponges are divided into three types: high elasticity, high elasticity and super softness, and shot. Shot sponges are generally used for the backrest and armrests, and high-elastic and high-elastic super soft sponges are used for the seat. In order to make the sofa more comfortable and stable, springs will be set on the cushion load-bearing layer. Normal sofas use serpentine springs, which have the characteristics of strong endurance, balance and good resilience. You can sit down and feel it when choosing. Under normal circumstances, it is best to dent the sofa cushion about 10 cm after the human body sits down.


Ergonomic and comfortable sofas have one thing in common, that is, the dimensions of each part are strictly in accordance with ergonomic requirements. Ergonomics has clear requirements for the seat height, seat width, depth, and included angle of the sofa. For example, the seat width of a single sofa should not be less than 48 cm; a two-seater sofa should be above 95 cm; a three-seat sofa should be 140-145 cm The seat height should be between 48-55 cm; the inclination of the backrest should be between 100-108 degrees; the common depth size is 95 cm, this depth is suitable for people under 1.7 meters tall, and 1.7 meters For the above height, it is best to choose a sofa with a depth of 105 cm to relieve the tension on the back.

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