How do I choose a sofa cushion


How do I choose a sofa cushion How to choose a cushion […]

How do I choose a sofa cushion
How to choose a cushion

Cushions can add personality and inject new vitality into your house. Use this practical guide to help you make the right choice for your space.

How to choose a sofa cushion
Determine your color palette.
Determine the number of mats to be added.
Choose the right combination of size and shape.


Step 1: Determine your color palette
When choosing a cushion for your space, the trick is to use the existing accent colors you want to highlight; that is, the colors that complement your artwork, soft furniture, furniture or accessories.

Scenes in the mid-century modern style with red and green cushions


Step 2: Determine the number of cushions to be added
When deciding the number of cushions, please consider generous, rich and luxurious! Determine the style you plan to use in the room and let it tell if you want to use odd or even mats.

For a more traditional look, stick to an even number of cushions to make the room more symmetrical. Odd numbers tend to be more ingenious, and are most suitable for modern or eclectic styles. Try a single cushion for a one-seat sofa and five cushions for a three-seat sofa.

Remember not to over-furnish furniture-otherwise, please do n’t overcrowd. Choosing the right number is balance.


Step 3: Choose the right combination of size and shape
Sticking to the same shape and size may look clinical and boring. If you want to add depth and visual interest, then the changes will provide the lift you need for your space.

A simple way to achieve a coordinated look is to choose a few large 55cm x 55cm blocky squares that contrast with the color of the sofa, then add some stylish outliers-patterned and slightly smaller, such as 45cm x 45cm.

In the middle, complete the appearance with a small rectangular cushion of 30cm x 50cm, which refers to the color of your interior decoration or the color of one of the cushions. Consider using large, oversized mats as gorgeous floor mats to complete the look.

Step 4: Use materials and materials
Color and size are not the only interest that cushions can provide for your design. Adding unique textures and fabrics can emphasize other materials in the room and improve its quality.

Use contrast to help set the tone. For example, try using a velvet velvet coating on a leather or cotton sofa to add just the right sense of elegance. The use of artificial fur cushions and fur blankets can bring a soft layering and extra comfort to your room.

Combining materials and textures to complement existing furniture can add an instant warmth and harmonious fusion to your decoration.


Step 5: Arrange
There are no hard and fast rules about how to display cushions, but some basic concepts can be used to maximize the use of cushions. Remember, all arrangements are about layering.

Try using an odd number of mats-starting with the larger mat in the back and then working on the smaller mat in the front. For large sofas, try two on each side and one or two in the middle to make every part of the sofa popular.

The key is to keep trying various arrangements until you find something you like. After covering the appearance, the rest is to sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort brought by the new cushion!

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