How high is the bedside table and what kind of bedside table is good


How tall is the bedside table   The size of the be […]

How tall is the bedside table


The size of the bedside table is roughly the unit according to the national light industry department: width: 400 mm-600 mm; depth: 350 mm-450 mm; height: 500 mm-700 mm. Generally, the height and width of the bedside table to be purchased depends on the size of the bed. Generally, a bedside table with a width of about 500 is placed on a 1500mm bed, and a bedside table with a width of 600 or more is required for a 1800mm bed. The height is generally about 450, and the bedside table is slightly Lower than the bed, improve the safety during sleep, is conducive to sleep and improve sleep quality. Let us give you a few examples to outline the standard size of the bedside table.


1. Modern style panel bedside table

Standard size of bedside table: 520*400*415mm. The height of the bedside table and the bed (the height of the heading out) are basically the same, and the styles are very coordinated. The design of the bedside table is simple, the hand feels good and the color is mild, and it is a modern home.

2. Korean garden bedside table

Standard size of bedside table: 520*400*550mm. The bedside table as a whole does not lose its rustic style, simple white, and the simple carvings have a good texture. There is a partition under the bedside table, on which you can put books that you like to read at any time. Leaning against the bed linen with small flowers is more rustic and natural.

3. British garden bedside table

Standard size of bedside table: 560*440*650mm. The bedside table is suitable for people's ideal height. The difference from most bedside table styles is that the bedside table is designed with a drawer and a side door cabinet, which has a large storage capacity.



Which bedside table is good


1. Look at the edge banding of the board, the edge banding of the bedside table is fine, smooth, and feel good, the sealing line is straight and smooth, and the joints are fine. The professional factory uses the straight edge banding machine to complete the process at one time, the glue is evenly applied, the pressure is stable, and the accurate size is guaranteed. Irregular factories are mostly manual operations, with large errors, uneven pressure, and weak places in many places, which can also cause the volatilization of harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

2. Looking at the cutting board, the cutting board of the bedside cabinet is also called the cutting of the board, which is the first process of cabinet production. The electronic cutting saw used by the professional factory controls the processing size through the computer, and the board size precision is high, and there is no chipping on the board edge. However, if the manufacturer uses a small manual cutting saw, the size error is large, and stubble often appears.

3.Looking at the assembly effect of the entire bedside cabinet, any dimensional error in the production process will be manifested on the door panel. The door panel produced by specialized enterprises is horizontal and vertical, and the gap between the door panels is uniform. If the manufacturer produces the bedside cabinet door panel, there will be gaps in the door gap. Even, large and small.

4. Although the slide rail of the drawer of the bedside cabinet is a small detail, the size error of the hole position and the plate causes an error in the installation size of the slide rail, which causes the drawer to be pulled unsmoothly or left and right loose. Also pay attention to whether the drawer gap is even. .

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