How to choose wood for furniture customization


For a company, when the office is selected, the next th […]

For a company, when the office is selected, the next thing to do is to buy some furniture to decorate the work environment. At this stage, many customers focus on the application of solid wood furniture. Compared with other furniture, solid wood furniture is more healthy and more applicable, and its long life, so it is very popular with customers. Then the application effect of solid wood furniture is so outstanding, how should I choose wood?

At this stage, there are many kinds of solid wood in the market, such as fir, red oak, old elm, bamboo charcoal, etc. are all commonly used solid wood furniture wood. The main performance. For corporate offices, when selecting corporate office solid wood furniture, first of all, we must consider the standards that are easy to use. Maybe in addition to the applicable standards, we must not ignore the shape, and then there is a very critical point. When it comes to environmental protection and physical and mental health, many employees need to work in offices and enterprises every day, and the environmental health aspect must not be ignored.

When selecting corporate office solid wood furniture, you can also consider what kind of wood you choose according to the company's overall cost budget. The different woods are quite expensive apart from the different structures. You must take a look at the office The cost situation of decoration is selected. Different furniture suppliers may have some differences in the main style, but they are all available for us to choose from. When we choose the right furniture customization company, we choose the right wood. After all, a good solid wood furniture customization company will not be worse in wood.

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