How to maintain the dressing table


The dressing table is a must-have furniture item for ev […]

The dressing table is a must-have furniture item for every woman at home. A woman’s nature is to love beauty, not only for herself, but for the dressing table, it is also a household item carefully maintained by every lady, but what should the dressing table be? How about its maintenance?


The maintenance of the dressing table should be continuous, and the intermittent care has little effect. So ladies who want to make the dressing table as glamorous as you, you have to listen carefully to the following tips and tricks, and stick to it for a long time.


Precautions for placement: 1. Do not place the dressing table in direct sunlight. Strong light can easily cause the paint on the furniture surface to fall off and cause the color to be dim. 2. The environment should be placed at a suitable temperature, which is conducive to the organic respiration of natural wood. 3. The place should pay attention to the smooth air, which is conducive to moisture-proof furniture.

Tips for cleaning: 1. If the dressing table is clean and there are no hard-to-wash stains, just wipe off the dust on it with a dry soft towel. 2. In case of dust, it is particularly difficult to wipe clean. Use a cloth moistened with a certain amount of detergent or neutral soap to remove the dust. 3. In case of stubborn stains that are difficult to remove, use toothpaste or a 30% diluted cleaning solution to remove them.

Tips for maintenance: 1. Avoid putting beverages, chemicals, and overheated liquids on the surface of the dressing table, so as not to affect the color of the furniture surface. 2. If the painted furniture is stained with dust, it can be cleaned by wrapping slightly wet tea dregs with gauze or using a dry cloth dipped in cold tea water to make the furniture bright and bright. 3. For scratches accidentally touched, the easiest way is to use a cotton ball or paintbrush on the surface of the furniture with shoe polish of similar color.

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