How to maintain wooden furniture


There are more and more types of furniture. How to main […]

There are more and more types of furniture. How to maintain it for wooden furniture?

1. Maintenance of solid wood furniture

The environment is very important for solid wood furniture. The furniture must be placed in a humid environment, and at the same time, it must be protected from sunlight or translucent tulle curtains to block sunlight. It has a beautiful effect, but the furniture should not be placed in a particularly humid place to prevent the wood from getting wet and decaying. Secondly, furniture care oils can also be used to extend the life of furniture.

2. Panel furniture maintenance

Panel furniture can be cleaned with a towel moistened with a small amount of water or a suitable amount of detergent. The panels can be regularly treated with furniture care wax, and the cabinet should also be kept clean. When the panel furniture is scratched or bumped, it can be supplemented with the same color paint. Consumers should also check the furniture connectors on a regular basis and find that they should be reinforced in a timely manner.

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3.Mahogany furniture maintenance

The price of mahogany furniture is ahead of other materials, and it is also sought after by everyone. Do not use feather dusters when removing dust, as this will easily damage the furniture. Use a soft-bristled brush to gently remove the dust on it. Regular waxing is to maintain the furniture.

4. Living room wooden furniture

There are two points to note in the maintenance of furniture in summer: First, whether it is solid wood furniture or plank wood furniture, outdoor sunlight should be avoided as a whole or locally for as long as possible. Its placement can avoid sunlight, or use translucent Tulle curtains separate from direct sunlight. Secondly, when the summer is humid, you can often see the wall or floor being wet, so you can keep the space between the wall of the furniture and the wall 0.5 to 1 cm, and minimize the chance of getting wet.

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