How to put it on the bedroom dressing table


Is the dressing table old-fashioned? From lush retro de […]

Is the dressing table old-fashioned?

From lush retro design to built-in beauty, there is a dressing table for you and your home

The dresser is one of the furniture that is not important for the smooth operation of our bedroom (after all, we have wardrobes, wardrobes and beds for sleeping and storage), but if you are the proud owner of one of them. You will never give up. Because sitting down and preparing a special table with cute perfumes and small jewelry bottles has a lot of attractive and luxurious things.


There is no doubt that even if you are in a modern spirit, the dressing table has an old-fashioned elegance, and your eyes are focused on the chic modern interior decoration. Before you know this, you will spend hours on the dressing table-not necessarily to ensure that you look good, but to ensure that your valuable furniture is always like a piece of furniture. There are 10 ways to squeeze a person into a small bedroom.
Eclectic bedroom Eclectic bedroom
Double like a bedside table
Even a small bedroom can work on a dressing table with a clever layout. This classic painted dressing table is cut near the bed, so it can be used as a bedside table.

It provides a natural place for the bedside lamp, which in turn helps to illuminate those who plan to spend the night in the city. If the table is too small for the free-standing toilet mirror, just hang it on the wall.


Mix your appearance
You don't need to be limited to the actual "dresser" available in stores and online, because you can use your favorite things to create your own images. The combination of table, chair and mirror is easy to put together and perfectly combines styles-modern desk made of acrylic, mirror and old chair made of gilded wood-perfectly combined. This is how to mix old and new together to really make the look look perfect.

There is a natural synergy between a hard-working desk and a dressing table: both require a solid surface and enough space to store debris, and a comfortable chair for vaccination, relaxation or pampering.

Therefore, if you have neither a table nor a dresser space, please choose a classic style that can complete both tasks and multiple tasks. (Remember, this installation requires a laptop, because desktop computers take up too much space.)
Modern bedroom modern bedroom
Use your bedside
If you plan to be in the bathroom, you can use the entire wall space of the bedroom during this process. But don't worry, just put it at the end of the bed to have a dresser.

If you have a footrest, make sure to lower the dressing table below to avoid confusion when you sleep. If you do n’t do this, make sure that the table and bed are the same width and stick to neutral and classic things that wo n’t notice you visually.


Create a romantic corner
The dressing table will immediately restore the romantic atmosphere of your bedroom, especially if you are filled with beautiful carved wooden style. Look for antique originals in antique exhibitions and second-hand stores, or just choose high-quality reproductions.

The beauty of a miniature room like this is that it can happily squeeze into the ledge of the attic bedroom, which may waste space.

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Since the available floor space is large, it is obviously not a problem to install in the dresser-but the choice of materials, size and style is very important to increase the charm.

This mirror dressing table adds a touch of color to the otherwise quiet and stylish room. The muggy amethyst chair heats the delicate wash palette, while the large mirror on the table is softer than the mirror on the wall.

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