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The big sofa at home, the children always can't avoid j […]

The big sofa at home, the children always can't avoid jumping up and down, some are more skinny and still writing and drawing on it, every time you clean up the sofa, Bao Ma will be exhausted. This doesn't count, the key is that if you can't clean it, you can only watch it coexist with the sofa. The sofa, which is thousands of years old, can be used for a long time. Give the child a children's sofa and let him understand: it's his own. With the sense of sovereignty, he will run to toss the big sofa again, and you will go toss his small sofa. Believe me, he will be more distressed than you. Busy with his one-acre three-point plot, he won't have time to mess with your big sofa again!

Children's brain development is closely related to the environment around them. Creative things can stimulate children's creativity and imagination. Bright colors, plus cute adorable pet-shaped children's sofas, easily attract children's attention.

Princess sofa: A real princess needs an exclusive sofa?

Sheep sofa: Sheep, can cultivate children's meek character most

Just these two cute, our children can make them into a cartoon.

The fabric children's sofa is designed to be removable and washable in consideration of the destructive power of the child. If it is dirty, just remove the jacket and wash it.

There is also a bright PU children's sofa, which is round and thick, smooth and easy to take care of, even if the dirty little feet are stepped on, just wipe it with water.

Doll protection design sofa, using soft short plush fabric, PP cotton padding, sitting comfort. Creative doll protection design, fixed baby position to prevent baby from falling down. At the same time, the doll head can also be used as a toy for the baby to entertain himself.

Bright and bright colors, effectively develop baby vision and attract baby's attention. The non-slip particles on the bottom are more stable, and the same intimate zipper design makes it easy for the dirt to be removed and washed later.

The same is a lazy sofa, why are you so good. In addition to the variety of postures that can be used to sit, lie down, and lie down on a common lazy sofa, small pockets have been added to the side of the sofa. When you are tired, you can put small things like mobile phones and toys, and then come comfortably to Ge You.

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