Mahogany is one of the most precious woods in the world


In the middle of the 16th century, the Spaniards came t […]

In the middle of the 16th century, the Spaniards came to the Amazon Basin and found that the locals were drinking this bitter drink. They realized that this was a valuable cash crop. Through a series of research and improvement, the Spaniards developed cocoa drinks and chocolate on the basis of "chocolate". Later, the Spanish government established the world's first chocolate factory. However, due to the bitterness of cocoa drinks, some nobles in Europe were reluctant to accept this drink. Until the 18th century, an aristocrat in the United Kingdom regarded cocoa as "a ruffian from South America." Until then, cocoa has not been officially named, and later the Swedish polymath Linnaeus named it as a cocoa tree. "After a long time, the function of cocoa drinks and chocolate to replenish energy was discovered and was on the sports ground. After playing a huge role, people began to pay attention to it, and hailed the cocoa tree as the "God Food Tree" and the cocoa drink as the "Fairy Drink".


Mahogany is an evergreen tree with a maximum height of 25 meters and a diameter of 4 meters. The bark is light red and flaky; the leaf is 35 cm long, with 4-6 pairs of small leaves, dark green on the surface, and light green on the back; the wood itself has an odor, the texture is hard, the texture is fine, and it has excellent stability. The color is the color of peach blossom with nobility in romance, and different trees have different colors, ranging from golden yellow to dark red brown: the wood pattern is clear, and it changes into a spiral flower pattern with the branch.

It is a high-quality raw material for making precious wood furniture, so it is the favorite of European royal engravers. Such beautiful wood combined with European carvings form the elegant and noble style of the European royal family. Hundreds of years ago, the Dutch and the British accidentally arrived in Indonesia, where the fertile soil and the hot and humid tropical rainforest attracted them deeply, so they brought the mahogany from the Amazon region to Indonesia.


Nowadays, mahogany has the same name as precious woods such as rosewood and huanghuali, which are highly regarded by people. The golden bract flower is also called yellow shrimp flower, coral jujube bed, gold-covered silver, golden bract shrimp flower. It belongs to the bed material evergreen subshrub because the yellow spikes on the top of the stem are wrapped in layers of bracts. It can produce small white flowers, which are very similar to shrimp bodies from a distance, so it is called "yellow shrimp flower".

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