• I also want such a single sofa

    I also want such a single sofa

    The single-seat sofa is really too comfortable, and the security surrounded by three sides cannot be replaced by other sofas. If your home does not have a comfortable single-seat sofa, then go and buy one Round sofa Seeing such a single sofa, would you think that the elegance of this sofa is particu... read more

    Feb 14,2020 News
  • Kids sofa, exclusive space for kids

    Kids sofa, exclusive space for kids

    The big sofa at home, the children always can't avoid jumping up and down, some are more skinny and still writing and drawing on it, every time you clean up the sofa, Bao Ma will be exhausted. This doesn't count, the key is that if you can't clean it, you can only watch it coexist with the sofa. The... read more

    Feb 10,2020 News
  • Children's sofa-children's exclusive seat

    Children's sofa-children's exclusive seat

    There are children in the family, which is the warmest in each family. Children's tables and chairs, dining chairs, and sofas are basically children's exclusive. Children's sofas have also been rising in the market and become There are many kinds of furniture for children's sofas, and the prices var... read more

    Jan 19,2020 News
  • Put the bedside table into the right place when in the children's room

    Put the bedside table into the right place when in the children's room

    The child is the center of the family. When decorating, parents are very careful about the design of the children's room. It is as large as a children's room and as small as a bedside table. The placement of the crib is recommended to use the north-south direction, because the direction of the human... read more

    Jan 11,2020 News
  • Bedside table purchase knowledge

    Bedside table purchase knowledge

    1. Look at the edge banding of the board. The edge banding of the high-quality bedside table is delicate, smooth, and feels good. Professional factory uses linear edge banding machine to complete the process at one time, the glue is applied uniformly, the pressure is stable, and the most accurate si... read more

    Jan 04,2020 News