Precautions for putting a dressing table in the bedroom?


  1. Do not design a dressing mirror to look at th […]


1. Do not design a dressing mirror to look at the head of the bed, otherwise, reflections and other psychological effects will easily cause nightmares or poor spirits. Some dressing tables have two doors for decoration on the mirror part. When the mirror is not needed, it can be closed and opened only when it is used. With this kind of mirror, no matter how you place it, you are not afraid of flushing the door or shining on the bed Head off.



2. In the arrangement of bedroom furniture, the mirror in traditional Chinese custom cannot be opposite to the door. The mirror on the dressing table is more common in girls’ bedrooms, so this bedroom dressing table is placed It cannot be placed opposite the door. Because the traditional Chinese azimuth theory explains that the door is the air outlet of the bedroom aura, with a direct attack, so when the bedroom dressing table is placed opposite to the door, it will easily cause the two to oppose each other. The person's body and mind are very unhealthy.



3. The bedroom dresser must not be placed in the bathroom. Many people find this very convenient, but the bedroom dresser is definitely not placed in the bathroom. In terms of Chinese orientation, this bathroom is a place where the filthiness of the room is relatively heavy. Generally, if the bedroom dresser, which represents private money, is placed in the bathroom, it is easy to lose money due to health problems.

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