Put the bedside table into the right place when in the children's room


The child is the center of the family. When decorating, […]

The child is the center of the family. When decorating, parents are very careful about the design of the children's room. It is as large as a children's room and as small as a bedside table.

The placement of the crib is recommended to use the north-south direction, because the direction of the human cell current is parallel to the direction of the earth's magnetic lines of force, which can improve sleep quality and is very good for the child's health. In addition, because children are more sensitive to light and wind, children's beds should be placed in vents but not directly facing the vents. If the children's bed is facing the window, the sunlight should not be strong, and proper shielding should be done. Too much sunlight will stimulate the child's research. Often parents ignore this and affect their children's health.

The bedside tables in the children's room should be placed in pairs. According to the Feng Shui master, paired bedside tables have great power in Feng Shui, which is good for the child's health and also helps the owner's career. In addition, parents should be careful not to place souvenirs or local mascots purchased on the bedside table in the children's room. Parents may simply think that these souvenirs are artistic and want to use them to decorate the children's room. In fact, these exaggerated artworks are not suitable for children, but they will scare the children.

Children love fairy tales and are fascinated by the characters in the fairy tales. We recommend that you put some soft and cute toys on the children's bed, which will help children enter the dreamland happily. In short, the placement of children's beds should stand on the child's stand, not to give the child a heavy sense of stress, and should create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

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