Recommended bedroom dresser styles


There are many styles of bedroom dressing tables, each […]

There are many styles of bedroom dressing tables, each of which represents a different style. The bedroom dressing table is also an item that reflects the taste of girls, so the choice of a bedroom dressing table is also a very prudent thing.

1. Neoclassical bedroom dresser style

The main body of the neo-classical dressing table is solid wood, which looks grand and solemn. The founder's dressing table is equipped with a curved dressing mirror and is exquisitely detailed with intricate carvings and other details. The ingenious luxurious design transcends the practical nature. The whole dressing table inadvertently reveals elegance and beauty in the neo-classical luxury room.

Fresh and rustic bedroom dresser style

Every girl has a longing for freedom and a longing for the pastoral. It is the princess dream of every cute girl. It is perfect to choose a rustic European-style dressing table. The exquisite and stylish design of the rural style dressing table incorporates fresh and idyllic elements of life, following the dignified atmosphere of European-style homes, or the Korean-style cleaning and romance, and interpreting the unique style with the rural style.

Three, European bedroom dresser style

I believe that the slightly fashionable petty bourgeoisie has a love for the European-style dressing table. The European-style dressing table, which loves the romantic feelings of European-style furniture, adhering to the style of European-style furniture, mostly in white, off-white and other colors, dignified and elegant. The solemn style pursues luxury and elegance, and the modern European-style dressing cabinet is closer to practicality. It is the embodiment of petty bourgeoisie's pursuit of fashion, elegance and taste.

Four, modern minimalist bedroom dresser style

The modern minimalist style has always been loved by young people. It is suitable for the rhythm of modern life in all aspects such as modeling, lines and color. The dressing table is added under the principle of "less is more". The minimalist style is gradually softened. The ingenious combination of the dressing table and other furniture and space is most likely to appear in this style of living room.

Five, Korean style bedroom dresser style

The Korean-style bedroom has always been the hungry favorite of Mengmei, and the dressing table is no exception. The colors are fresh and elegant, and the lines are round and smooth. It brings Korean romance to your room, but your room is full of romantic feelings. The counter design is more patchy and more layered than the common dressing table. Its curved corners are round and smooth, showing a harmonious beauty.

6. Chinese style bedroom dresser style

If the owner likes vintage, then the Chinese dressing table is a must-have style. The typical Chinese dressing table has the design factors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and is very luxurious. No matter it is the shape or the wood used, it is all about oriental colors. Pay attention to symmetry, pay attention to contrast in color, magnificent and wonderful, a combination of Chinese and Western technology, excellence.

Seven, French bedroom dresser style

The French-style dressing table has the romantic feelings of Paris, France. It is the most suitable for girls who are pursuing romance and warmth. Most of the French-style dressing tables are made of high-quality birch frames, which are firm and firm and difficult to deform. High-grade silver mirror, clear and shiny, long life. Extreme gold painting craftsmanship, exquisite richness; superb carving craftsmanship, very design sense.

8. Nordic bedroom dresser style

The Nordic home style is loved by many people, with clean lines and a lot of white and bright light, wooden floors to create a simple but warm environment. For the Nordic-style dressing table, its biggest charm is the pure color of the blockbuster, which has a kind of unrestrained, relaxed and romantic style. The concise Nordic style is like a fresh rainy season girl, and has a simple beauty of its own.

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