The difference between log furniture and solid wood furniture


In daily life, we generally compare solid wood furnitur […]

In daily life, we generally compare solid wood furniture with log furniture, but we think they are both wooden furniture. As for the difference between the two, few people can really talk about ideas. In view of this, we deliberately picked up the relevant knowledge of solid wood furniture and log furniture, and hope that it will help us to correctly distinguish the two. First of all, we look at the difference between the two from the definition of the two: solid wood furniture refers to furniture whose main material is solid wood, which includes raw wood furniture, as well as a series of wood furniture of a combination of materials, such as some solid wood furniture The selection is made of mixed solid wood and artificial board; the original wood furniture is all solid wood furniture, that is, the furniture made of natural wood, does not contain any artificial board. In this way, we can see some differences between the two. The category of solid wood furniture is larger than that of log furniture. 


Second, let's take a look at some of the differences between the two and further distinguish the two:

1. Log furniture refers to furniture made of all solid wood. The outer skin of this furniture is the same as the material inside, and no artificial board is used. Then the requirements for the production of log furniture are relatively strict. If there is a problem in the part that is made, the stability of the entire furniture will be damaged, and this piece of furniture cannot be shaped.
2. Raw wood furniture can generally see the natural texture of the original wood, showing different characteristics from solid wood furniture. Raw wood furniture is made of natural materials without any increase in artificial plates. The furniture produced is not only fashionable but also very healthy. Relatively speaking, it is still relatively simple to differentiate the real natural texture from the artificially processed texture.    
3. The price difference between log furniture and solid wood furniture is also very large, because the process of making log furniture is more complicated and the cost is high, which makes its price soaring. The process of making solid wood furniture is relatively simple, but also saves wood and reduces costs. Therefore, when distinguishing, we should consider the factors of raw material price, labor, production cost and other factors. If the entry and exit is quite large, it may not be wood furniture, but solid wood furniture.

Again, on how to distinguish the log furniture, the experts gave the following suggestions:
1. Carefully inquire whether the cabinet and door of the furniture are "all solid wood" structure, what kind of solid wood board is used, is pure log board, still solid wood finger joint board or solid wood composite plywood, whether density board or particle board is used Stick veneer.    
2. See if the front and back surfaces of the main materials such as furniture cabinet doors, side panels and shelves are together.    
3. Tap on the cabinet door and cabinet body plate with your hands, solid wood pieces announce a more vigorous movement, while the man-made board is static and depressed.    
4. Pay attention to smelling the interior of the furniture. Most of the logs have wood aromas of pine species, pine has pine resin smell, cypress wood has light fragrance, camphor wood has obvious camphor wood smell, etc., but fiberboard and density board will have more The strong irritating smell, especially in the cabinet or drawer, is relatively simple.

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