The four most common wooden dressers


Some people think that there must be a wooden dressing […]

Some people think that there must be a wooden dressing table in the bedroom. It is convenient to store all kinds of toiletries, maintenance supplies, cosmetics or some commonly used accessories in different categories.


1. Clamshell
The clamshell wooden dressing table is more interesting. The mirror hidden under the cover only appears when you need a dressing. It is usually a desk.
Such a wooden dressing table generally has a clamshell/divided storage space, and the table is compact overall/easy to place/suitable for small units, but it is not suitable for babies who like to store goods, and there is not much storage space.


2. Embedded
The in-line type refers to setting the wooden dressing table into the wall or cabinet, reducing the presence of the wooden dressing table in space and increasing the visual size of the space.
If there is such a space at home, don’t waste it. The wooden dressing table can also make the dressing area more enveloping.

3. Table and cabinet integration
The wooden dressing table is integrated with the storage rack/shelves/closet/TV cabinet, which saves the indoor space and improves the utilization rate. It also enriches the original single storage space and makes the space more integrated. , Unify the style of interior design.
It can also effectively avoid the problem of the wooden dresser of your choice, which is independent/obtrusive/does not match the overall frame.


4. The finished product is independent
The finished wooden dressing table is the most common, and it is very selective. You can choose a variety of materials and styles, and you can take it home if you like it.
Because the finished wooden dressing table is independent, it will not be discarded because of moving or remodeling. Moreover, this finished wooden dressing table is not only suitable for people who are old and not willing to discard, but also for people who like new and old, and like to replace furniture. So it is easier to be loved by the public.

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