There are so many kinds of solid wood and wooden dresser furniture


Solid wood dressing table is also a kind of furniture i […]

Solid wood dressing table is also a kind of furniture in life. It is not only a tool table for dressing and beauty, but also a scenic spot in furniture decoration, but do you know? The dresser is not only different in style, but also has many types. Let's take a look at it together.

1. Bedside cabinet type: Generally connected with the bedside, it has a strong overall sense. The dressing table doubles as a bedside table, saving floor space.


2. Combination type: There are two types: high combination type and low combination type. The high combination type dressing table is designed in the combination cabinet and occupies a small unit; the low combination type generally connects the dressing table with the low cabinet, with high and low staggering and strong decoration.


3. Writing desk type: it can have both dressing table and writing function, suitable for families with more than 2 people studying and writing at the same time.


4. Connected bed type: It is connected with the bed, and should strive to be harmonious with the bed in the shape design.


5. Combination cabinet type: It is set in the combination cabinet, which does not occupy too much space, and is suitable for use in a small area.


6. Unique point type: including corner type, that is, using corner space setting. One-line style, that is, the table body is based on a wall. This type of modeling can be unified with other furniture forms, or it can be unique, and it can make a big breakthrough in modeling.

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