Tips for buying panel furniture


1. It is more difficult to distinguish whether the pane […]

1. It is more difficult to distinguish whether the panel furniture uses paper veneer or wood veneer. The easiest way is to observe the pattern, the wood veneer has natural knots, color difference and texture changes.


2. The edge sealing of panel furniture is very important. Pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the edge banding materials, and pay attention to whether the edge banding is uneven or warped. Special attention should be paid to whether it is sealed on all six sides. Although formaldehyde-free adhesive is used, the wood-based panel will have more or less volatile gas during the production process. Environmental protection certainly has benefits.


3. It depends on the firmness of the furniture structure. The first is the gap between the door seam and drawer seam of the furniture. If the gap is large, it means that the workmanship is rough and will be deformed after a long time. There should be a layer of panel, which is called a double-packed box. The furniture of the double-packed box is both beautiful and strong.


4. Of course, the quality of the paint also matters. Are there streaks in the paint? Are the corner paints too thick? Are there cracks or bubbles? These are all to be checked carefully. Have to ask the salesperson how many coats of paint have been applied to the furniture. Of course, the more times, the better.


5. It can be seen from the hinge groove and perforation whether the panel furniture material is medium density or particleboard. One of the best methods is to carefully observe the hinge groove and perforation. If the internal structure is exposed, it can be seen that it is used. Particleboard is still medium density board.


6. The use of hardware, which can be disassembled and assembled at will is the biggest advantage of panel furniture, so the quality of the connecting parts is closely related to the quality of the entire furniture. Imported furniture is expensive on these minutiae.

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