What are the classification and layout of the dressing table


What are the classifications of dressing tables?   […]

What are the classifications of dressing tables?


1. The dresser can put the legs under the countertop. The advantage is that the person is close to the mirror surface, the face is clear, and it is convenient for makeup. Usually, the dressing stool can be placed under the counter, which does not take up space. The height of this kind of dressing table is 70 cm-74 cm, and the countertop is 35 cm-55 cm.


2. The dressing table adopts a large-area mirror surface, so that the dresser can mostly appear in the mirror, and can add a sense of spaciousness in the room. This kind of dressing table is 45 cm-60 cm high and 40 cm-50 cm wide. The dressing chair can be made into various forms such as round, square, rectangle, etc. The height can be determined according to the size of the dressing table, generally between 35 cm and 45 cm.


3. According to the function and layout of the dressing table, it can be divided into two types: independent and combined. The independent dressing table is set up separately, which is more flexible and casual, and the decorative effect is often more prominent. The combined type is to combine the dressing table with other furniture. This method is suitable for small families with little space.




What are the layout of the dressing table?


1. The dressing table should still be placed at the corner between the wall and the wall, that is, the position of the corner, but still do not place a triangle, which will waste space, and should be placed along the corner of the wall;


2. When the dressing table is placed, the mirror should not be facing the bed, so when the dressing table is placed as far as possible to stagger with the bed, it is recommended to choose a dressing table with two doors decoration, so that it can be turned off when the mirror is not used;


3. For a bedroom with a small area, the dressing table can be connected to the cabinet, or can be sandwiched between the cabinets, which can save space. The dressing table and the bedside table can also be integrated. This can be chosen according to personal aesthetics.

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