What are the considerations for fabric sofas


Fabric sofas mainly refer to sofas whose main material […]

Fabric sofas mainly refer to sofas whose main material is cloth, which can achieve a certain artistic effect through artistic processing and meet people's needs in life. Fabric sofas are divided into pure fabric sofas and leather fabric combined sofas according to materials. The choice of fabric sofa varies from person to person. For the elderly, the sofa needs to be of moderate height. It will be inconvenient to use a sofa that is too high or too low. For young couples, it is necessary to consider the safety and use of Durability, in order to prevent the child from bumping or being stabbed by sharp edges after the child is born, and the color should be as lively and bright as possible. The comfort of the sofa is very important. Generally, the chairs of the sofa need to be designed according to the curvature of the body, so that when people sit on the sofa, they can feel the comfort of the sofa more. If it is a small living room, it is also You can consider choosing a sofa bed, and the custom fabric sofa of Shenzhen whole house furniture is also a very good choice.


When choosing a fabric sofa, it must be coordinated with other furniture and the overall home style. The fabric of the sofa, the color and pattern of the sofa are very important, so when choosing the living room decoration, you can choose the sofa first, and then choose according to the sofa Other furniture makes it easier to grasp the overall style.

Sofas of different fabrics will give people a different feeling. If it is a pure cotton sofa, the color is more natural and the color is more uniform, and the pure cotton sofa feels softer to the touch, more delicate and thick. If you don’t know the pros and cons of a pure cotton sofa, you can pull out the fabric thread of a pure cotton sofa and burn it with fire. Generally, the thread will turn into ashes after fire and the quality is better without any burnt smell.


If it is a flannel sofa, you should choose a uniform color, better gloss, and stronger overall feeling. You can touch it with your hand to choose a flannel that feels softer and smoother. If the sofa you choose is a long flannel, you can rub it back and forth with your hands, and choose the one that has no obvious discoloration. If it is a short flannel, you should choose the thicker fabric, and the thicker the fleece, the better.


For a blended sofa, you need to look at its ingredients when buying. The more cotton you choose, the better the quality of the blended sofa. When choosing a linen sofa, it depends on whether the surface of the linen sofa is flat and whether there are threads or connections. At the same time, it also depends on the composition of the sofa. Choose a sofa with a higher cotton content.

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