What are the tips for matching bedside tables


The bedside table is a small role in the bedroom furnit […]

The bedside table is a small role in the bedroom furniture, it is left and right, willingly set off the bed, even its name is derived from the function of the supplementary bed. The bedside table has always existed because of its function, storing some daily necessities and placing bedside lamps. Most of the items stored in the bedside table are in order to meet the needs and access items such as medicines, etc. The bedside table is mostly some photos, small paintings, flower arrangements, etc. that add a warm atmosphere to the bedroom, and the bedside table is in addition to its function. Things outside have been ignored.


The storage box is easy to arrange and combine, light weight, strong and durable, placed around the bed, the practical index is better than all bedside table products.

1. Three or five storage boxes are stacked together, which can serve as TV cabinets, audio stations, bookshelves, etc.
2. The groove at the head of the bed is specially reserved for placing handy items.
3. The large wall cabinet undertakes most of the bedside storage functions, speakers, musical instruments, and all entertainment tools can be accommodated.


Bedside + bedside table + wall. With the bed as the center, three-dimensional design of bedside aids makes you feel more comfortable.
1. If you are accustomed to using the bed as your entertainment center, you should carefully design the color of the wall behind the bed during the decoration to make it unified with the furniture and form a complete visual effect.
2. The furniture at the head of the bed is frequently used. Pay attention to the cleaning problem and choose dark or easy-to-scrub materials.
3. The installation height of the wall laminate is based on a person sitting on the bed as a reference, and it can be reached with a slight lean. The large bedside table is suitable for placing more items.

Do your responsibilities more. Around the bed, there are three small tables, so you can control the TV without standing up, and the computer has a shelter.
1. The round bed frame is designed like an island, which makes people who like to stay in bed more attached to it.
2. The large bed frame reserves ample space for placing items.
3. Regardless of your posture, three small tables are within easy reach and very convenient.


One-piece design of bedside cabinet storage cabinet. Since the bed is the center of life, it is a practical design to integrate the bedside table and storage furniture. You can get books and gadgets in one step, which is extremely convenient.

1. The subdivided storage cabinets provide suitable storage space for various odds and ends.
2. The sliding door design is used at the bottom of the cabinet, which makes it more convenient to take things when lying down.

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