What are the types of bedside tables


The bedside table is an ordinary person in bedroom furn […]

The bedside table is an ordinary person in bedroom furniture. However, with the changes and the design concept of personalized wall lamp, the style of the bedside table is also accompanied by a variety of styles. The design and decoration function seems to be more critical than the application type. How to match the bedside table of the fabric bed? What are the types of bedside tables?


Key types of bedside tables
1. Single and double wooden cabinet bedside table
It can display design decorations, and the professional ability of home storage is also very good, and according to actual needs, it can also be transformed into a small TV cabinet, the price is in the middle of 300 yuan to 2000 yuan.


2. Movable parts cabinet and bedside cabinet
Its bedside table with universal casters is very convenient and quick to move, and some small objects that are unwilling to lose too far can be kept by your side [1].


3. Open
There is no closed storage box, but there are exposed display shelves. Using solid wood panels to make a curved product design, the contrast of one red and one white color is much more "feminine" and trendy than the traditional Huakang bedside table.

4. Coffee table and bedside table
The double-layer coffee table with the design concept of frosted glass and metal composite material is placed in the periphery of the bed, exquisite and contemporary. The lower level of the coffee table can promote the design of the interior space under the bed, while the upper level is just perpendicular to the front of the bed, which is very convenient and powerful.


5. Table and chair style
It is usually called that way because it improves the function of the table and chair for the bedside table. The upper and lower levels can be separated. The upper level is the storage box of the wooden bedside table, and the lower level is the leather square table. After the storage box is removed, it becomes a low stool in front of the bed.


6. Package content content type
In fact, it is a set of tea tables with gold foil and platinum, but it has a different and colorful flavor when put in the bedroom bed, which looks gorgeous and airy. You can put one, and you can match three big and small together, which is very suitable for home furniture and furniture in the new Chinese retro style interior design style.


7. Rattan table style
The great feature of this bedside table is its raw materials and product design. The base of the dining table is triangular, and three wooden fixed brackets are expanded upward, supporting the kitchen countertop with various rattan patterns. The bedroom has improved how natural and joyful it is.

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