What is the size of the bed and bedside table? How to match the bed and bedside table?


What is the size of the bed and bedside table? 1. The g […]

What is the size of the bed and bedside table?

1. The general size of the bedside table: 660mm*467mm*508mm (width*depth*height) The warm white bedside table is decorated with white paint and golden crystal accessories. The design is elegant and generous, the lines are smooth and delicate, and the overall color is sober and elegant. Most of this specification bedside table matches 1.8m bed.

2. The general size of the bedside table: 600mm*460mm*500mm (width*depth*height) The bedside table of the Jinfenshijia bedroom strives to be simple in lines. The cabinet body is mainly designed for convenience and practicality. The layered structure style is more layered. When placing items, they are placed in categories The method is very careful and easy to take. The design and style are all-match. The bed size of the original series is 1.5m and 1.8m, which can be matched properly.

3. The general size of the bedside table: 500mm*420mm*459mm (width*depth*height) California sunshine series bedside table uses a combination of wood grain and elegant board, which is simple and elegant and full of fashion sense. It interprets the concept of freedom and leisure, creating a full sun Home atmosphere.

4. The general size of the bedside cabinet: 800mm*475mm*420mm (width*depth*height) This bedside cabinet is one of the combined bedside cabinets. It is composed of two parts and has a novel and unique design. The low height of the bed is mainly for contract series. The height of the bed is convenient to use. The concise design is distinguished by the concave drawer, and the overall effect is also great.

5. The size standard of the bedside table is usually adjusted according to the size of the bed and the ergonomic ease of use during production. The specific design size range is generally 400mm-600mm in width and 350mm-400mm in depth and 500mm-700mm in height. The performance can also be matched with integrated furniture such as side cabinets, bookcases and writing desks in the setting of basic bedside tables.



How to match the bed and bedside table?

1. The design and production of the integral bedside table takes into account its practicality, beauty and consistency from the color, style and style, so that the visual picture of the whole bedroom is stronger and more beautiful. The integrated production of this bedside table and bookcase uses a mix of white and cherry wood colors, with lighting and accessories to create a fashionable taste. The storage function of the open cabinet is enhanced, and it can also be used as a bookcase.

2. Simple design has always been a popular taste. The overall design is designed with white paint as the bedside table. How strong is the space utilization of the connection design? The overall effect style is beautiful and fashionable, which is generally suitable for the tastes of young people today.

3. The bedroom decoration effect of European classical luxury style is integrated with the integrated wall cabinet, bedside table, bookcase and wardrobe, which is more elegant and solemn. The size of the bedside table is designed according to the needs of each part, which is practical and beautiful.


Summary: Whether it is an integral bedside table or a free-standing bedside table with different characteristics, the size and design of the bedside table remain unchanged in terms of standard symmetry. The free-standing bedside table is a traditional design.

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