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Standard dresser size

Dresser-sized bedroom
The dressing table is an essential piece of furniture in any bedroom, which can improve the organization and increase the decoration. Design preferences, storage requirements and space constraints can help you determine which dressing table is best for your room. First, use the average trimmer height and size as a guide, and then search according to your specific needs.


What is the standard dressing table size?
A dressing table is defined as furniture with six to nine drawers. The height of the drawers is approximately at the waist, which is wider than its height or depth. A typical rectangular dresser is usually about 60 inches long, 20 inches deep, and 30 inches high. However, the size of the dresser varies greatly. Because high waist means different things to different people, the height of the dressing table ranges from as low as 26 inches to 44 inches high. The standard trimmer height is usually between 30 and 36 inches.

Choose the right dressing table height according to your needs
Depending on the size of the room, storage needs and the style that appeals to you, several types of dressing tables may work best in your bedroom.


Suitable for smaller rooms with small ceilings

The combination dressing table provides both cabinets and traditional wardrobes in the same furniture. Although they offer more storage options, the trade-off is storage space because they usually contain fewer drawers than standard dressers. For those who prefer a lighter, more minimalist appearance, a single chest may be the ideal choice. Compared to most dressing tables, this piece has a narrow frame, a single row of two to four drawers, and a shorter profile. Bachelor boxes can usually be placed under windows without obstructing the view, thus increasing storage space for underutilized areas.


For larger rooms with high ceilings

In the space with large overhead space, there are some storage spaces higher than the standard trimmer. As the name suggests, tall boys are great for tall, narrow spaces. The altitude range is very wide, up to six or seven feet. For more versatile storage space (foldable and hanging clothes), try using a wardrobe. The size of a standard wardrobe is about 60 inches wide, 17 inches deep, and 60 inches high, almost doubling the average height of the finisher, while occupying almost the same floor space.


Children's dressing table

Choosing the right children's dressing table size has its own considerations. Cribs and beds may undergo many changes, not to mention the colors and themes they like, and a dressing table with a timeless style is a wise investment. The dresser with a wide waist can also be used as a replaceable table, saving space in the baby room. However, be careful when choosing the dresser size. As babies grow into toddlers, they will need more play space. Keeping the size of the dressing table proportional to the space will open up the floor plan, especially in a small room.


Dresser placement
Although standard dressing table sizes can leave enough space in most bedrooms, proper placement of them is the key to keeping the room comfortable and practical. If you plan to install a mirror above the dressing table, make sure to choose an open wall. Similarly, if your work will stand along the wall near the closet or bedroom door, check that the door and dresser drawer can be opened and closed with sufficient clearance. It is sufficient to leave 10 to 12 inches between the drawer and the wall, door or other furniture. Purchase a dressing table.

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