What kind of wood furniture is suitable for your home


Each kind of wood has its own characteristics, has its […]

Each kind of wood has its own characteristics, has its own processing technology and coating technology, and also has the most suitable decoration style. Today, Xiaobian chooses several commonly used woods (excluding rosewood). Suitable decoration style! The same effect can be purchased at Penghong authorized dealers ~

North American Cherry

Cherry wood is suitable for American-style furniture. The coating process is mainly colored clear water paint. It is suitable for high-end kitchen cabinets and closets. It is characterized by delicate and clear texture, good effect after polishing, good effect on painted surface, stable after drying, and not easy to deform. .

White Oak

White oak is suitable for Japanese style, log style, Nordic home decoration style. The coating process is mainly varnish, and the texture is generous and beautiful. White oak can be harmoniously combined with metal and glass to highlight its stylish and avant-garde feel. The wood is light-colored, and the heartwood is light brown to dark brown. The texture is solid and firm. It is not easy to deform when it is wet. It is extremely resistant to abrasion and has a long service life.

Apply colors to Penghong's original series: gold silk white oak red oak

Red oak is suitable for American style, simple European and other furniture styles, and the painting process is white or dark brown open paint. The texture of the red oak is slightly rough, the touch is obvious, the texture is very hard, and the processing performance is good. It can be used for complex modeling and carving processes. The furniture has an atmospheric texture, and it is even more graded when it is used in the European-style home improvement.

Apply color as Penghong's original series of ecological boards: Milan red oak ash wood

Ash wood is suitable for log style, Japanese style and Nordic style. The painting process is suitable for clear lacquer. The texture of the ash is fine. The gloss is very good.

Apply color as Penghong Youjia series ecological board: Ash Ash

Fraxinus mandshurica is suitable for log style, Japanese style, and Nordic style. The painting process is mainly lacquer. It is mainly produced in Northeast and North China, and is yellowish white (sapwood) or brownish yellow (heartwood). The annual rings are obvious but uneven, the wooden structure is thick, the texture is straight, the pattern is straight, matte, and the hardness is small. Fraxinus mandshurica has the characteristics of elasticity, good toughness, abrasion resistance and humidity resistance, and has good processing performance.

Application color is Penghong Youjia series ecological board: Fraxinus mandshurica rubber wood

Suitable for simple American style, simple European style, modern simplicity, Nordic style and mix and match style, finger joints, should be closed lacquer, rubber tree species, short growth cycle, wide source, furniture cost-effective, toughness, It is not easy to crack, easy to maintain, uniform texture, beautiful texture, easy to carve and dye, good wear resistance and durable.

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