Where should I put the bedroom dressing table?


Where can I put the bedroom dresser?   1. In addit […]

Where can I put the bedroom dresser?


1. In addition to the fact that the dressing table must not be equal to ours and also worthy of our attention, the dressing table must not be placed equal to the bed, especially the mirror facing the bed, the mirror has a reflection function, it is a thing with evil, if it is straight and long We will relatively have an impact on people's mental state. It is easy to cause our mental tension and emotional instability. Therefore, the mirror must not be directly opposite the door. They are breath, and the mirror reflects, and the two oppose each other. The evil spirit is getting heavier.


2. From the perspective of Yixue Fengshui, the requirements for placing the indoor dressing table are: mirrors and any clocks must not be used on any door of one's own home, including doors, room doors, toilet doors, kitchen doors, etc. There are a lot of knowledge about dressing table placement, and there are also many avoidances. Certainly, you must choose a suitable location for placement, and you'd better believe it so that you can enjoy a healthy home life.


3. In fact, when we put the dressing table, the most ideal position is to make the dressing mirror face and keep it parallel with the bed to form a coordinated and balanced Feng Shui magnetic field, so that not only will the mirror be directly irradiated People can also avoid direct confrontation with them, and can create a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom. Therefore, the dressing table should be placed diagonally opposite the toilet and kitchen. When we put it at home, we should never do whatever we want. I see Feng Shui on a small dressing table. In fact, it is indirectly related to your health.


4. We usually never take into account the position of feng shui when we place the dressing table, but if you want to build a good feng shui home, you should change the position of the dressing table. We should pay attention when placing the dressing table. The direction of the dressing table must not be directly opposite to the door. As everyone knows, the door is considered to be a breath in Feng Shui, and the dressing table is placed opposite to the door. Being impacted by the air current, with a direct evil, it will be very detrimental to the physical and mental health of the residents in the past.


5. The cosmetics placed on the dressing table should also pay attention to the beauty. It is best to place small cosmetics such as body lotion, lipstick, powder box, eyebrow pencil on the countertop, so put brushes, hair dryers, curlers, etc. Put it in the cabinet or in the drawer to keep the dressing table beautiful. The host, millions of you, turned the dressing table into a desk or a dining table for the sake of saving troubles. It feels like this beautiful scenery.




The following are the taboos for dressing table Feng Shui:


1. The dressing table is the best and never is facing the bedroom door

From the perspective of feng shui, the dressing table is the best. Never place the dressing table facing the bedroom door. Since the door is the entrance to the bedroom's aura, if it is facing the door, the flow will never be smooth. In addition, if you see yourself in the mirror when you enter the door, you are easily frightened, and it is also very detrimental to your health. Therefore, it must be placed reasonably so as not to touch the feng shui taboo of the dressing table.


2. The dressing table is the best, never facing the bed

The bedroom is a place for everyone to rest and sleep, and a warm and peaceful atmosphere needs to be created. Above the feng shui, the dressing table must not face the implantation, which will not only affect the sleep quality of the occupants, but also will be frightened by yourself in the mirror when you wake up in the middle of the night. This is definitely not conducive to the health of the residents.


3. Put the dressing table in the bathroom

There are a lot of furniture in the bedroom, so many homeowners will place the dressing table in the bathroom. Actually, it is placed on top of Feng Shui. Such a placement is very bad. Because the bathroom is a place where dirty air is gathered, it is also very humid. Putting the dressing table in the bathroom will not only affect the health of the family, but also affect the family's wealth. After a long time, it will be attacked by moisture and affect the life of the dressing table. Therefore, the dressing table should be placed in the bedroom and it is convenient to use. If you put some private money in the drawer of the dressing table, it will make the family's wealth luck better and better!

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