Where should I put the dresser in the bedroom


Tips for keeping the dresser When placing a dressing ta […]

Tips for keeping the dresser

When placing a dressing table or mirror in the bedroom, many people feel confused and misunderstood. They feel that their bed and their reflection in the speculum can cause pain in marital life and disrupt sleep.

However, literature studies conducted in the field of Vaastu over the past two decades have proved that the position of the dressing table reflecting the bed itself does not have any such negative effects. In fact, the cause of the problem is the location of the mirror image in the incompatible Vaastu area and is only relevant to that area.


The mirror as an object represents the water element in Vaastu. It is also used as a medium to expand space. If the dressing table is placed in the southeast (SE) area, it is like pouring water in the fire area. When the water catches fire, the mirror on the dressing table will have a negative impact on the area, and will also expand the SE Vaastu area, which may cause accidents and injuries to residents. Residents may also feel the lack of security. The auspicious ceremony in the house may also have unexpected obstacles.


Similarly, placing a dresser or mirror along the east wall in the southeast-eastern region can lead to over-thinking and suspiciousness, which may be the root cause of frequent quarrels and differences between couples. If you have a bedroom in the south of the house, avoid putting the dresser on the wall in the south or east. You can align it with the north or west wall of the bedroom.


The southwest area is responsible for interpersonal relationships in the bedroom. If a dressing table is placed on the southwest wall of the area, problems will occur due to the stretching effect of the mirror. The symptom of this kind of problem is the excessive expectation of the partner.


If the dressing table is placed along the south wall in such a way that it appears in the Southwest (SSW) area, the mirror will extend to the Vaastu disposal area and increase sleep and waste, making it impossible for people in the area to give birth to bedrooms. There is another problem with keeping the dresser in the SSW Vaastu area. You will experience that despite the extra care when using cosmetics, these methods do not help you look the way you want. Newly married women should especially avoid this posture, which must be avoided. Therefore, if your bedroom is located southwest, the best option is to keep the dresser on the northeast wall.


If your bedroom is on the west side of the house, then you can place the dresser on the north, south or east wall. These will not cause any adverse effects. You can also place it along the western wall, but care must be taken to avoid accidental expansion of the western area.

In the bedroom on the north side of the house, the best location for the dresser is Northwest Northwest (NNW). This is a sexual and attractive area that can help you increase your attractiveness.

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