Bedroom White Dressing Table with Makeup Mirror Wholesale

Bedroom White Dressing Table with Makeup Mirror

Bedroom White Dressing Table with Makeup Mirror

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4 Square Mirror Dressing Table






Aesthetic aspect

Without too many gimmicks, the clean-lined dressing table looks great in any room. Its white appearance, without various floral patterns, adapts to any interior decoration. The retro handles, the light yellow cushion and the


Sliding drawers

The drawers are fitted with runners, so that they slide smoothly;more practical.


Optimal viewing angle in

Whether it is a cosmetic table or a dressing table, the 360 ​​° rotating mirror, can rotate in a perfect angle to straighten an eyelid line or to stage the perfection of the hairstyle.


Makeup organizer

Can accommodate makeup products or office utensils, such as paper clips, notepads, pens, etc. This helps organize the table and keep everything in order.

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